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HomeWerx™ Provides Everything Your Staff Needs To Stay Secure While Working From Home.

HomeWerx was founded in December 2020 by John Lee in Louisville, Kentucky. John discovered the need for an all inclusive “Office as a Service” (OaaS). Just a few months later, HomeWerx (patent pending), went to market. The benefits of the World’s first subscription-based home office for the corporate employee are tremendous. John’s innovative service has received praise and recognition from many IT experts in the field.

Although the Covid-19 pandemic precipitated the need for such a service by forcing millions of corporate employees to work from home, it was John’s vision to provide a service that made the process professional, secure, efficient and most of all economical.

HomeWerx provides the home office user a solution that addresses all the needs of a home-based employee while meeting the requirements of the internal IT policies. HomeWerx offers a secure and professional work environment to today’s corporate home worker.

Our solutions offer total compute packages in desktop or notebook formats that include a wide variety of options intended to provide a standardized, professional image of the employee to the outside world no matter where they work from by equipping each unit with noise cancelling technology, ergonomic office chairs and desks and all the software like Microsoft Office, Teams, Zoom or Webex required to enable the home user environment.

We offer 24-hour technical support as well. Our devices are configured such that the home office user cannot capture, download or save any sensitive company or client information that may violate any company policy or government privacy laws such as: HIPPA, GLB, PCI or SOX compliancy.


To provide the most Economic, Secure, Efficient and Professional Work From Home Solution (Pat. Pend.)

Press Release

HomeWerx™ offers Office as a Service (OaaS) Work From Home Solution (Patent Pending) a Subscription Service that is Economic, Secure, Efficient and Professional

LOUISVILLE, KY, UNITED STATES, December 29, 2021 –

HomeWerx™ is offering an Office as a Service (OaaS) Work From Home Solution (Patent Pending) which is a Subscription Service and a complete solution that is Economic, Secure, Efficient and Professional for C-Level executives embracing the Work From Home (WFH) model for employees.

Today, they have announced their January 2022 Kick-Off reaching out to all corporations nationwide with 500 employees or more. HomeWerx™ is setting in-person appointments to meet with C-Level executives, including, CFO, CIO, CTO, CEO, to build relationships and share the solution that will help executives meet their individual corporate goals. The solution includes, computer hardware, software, furniture and some options. Visit our website and watch a 3-minute Overview Video, then call to Schedule YOUR Meeting NOW!

Their new headquarters office in Louisville, KY, USA, will be the company’s first, with other nationwide regional offices to follow, to meet the needs of their growing organization teams in Management, Marketing, Sales, Finance, IT and Human Resources. The new office is expected to generate sales in great numbers for years to come. A satellite office in Beaumont, CA, USA will assist with the high demand of appointments and flights necessary to visit prospective corporate C-Level executives in a timely manner, responding to urgent market trend needs and helping how corporate executives are fulfilling them.

HomeWerx™ has started operations in Louisville, KY, USA after finalizing development plans with Information Technology and Depot Service Distributors that are needed to facilitate the drop-shipment orders for Work From Home Solution components to corporate employee end-users at home, fulfilling the needs of corporation C-Level executives for an Economic, Secure, Efficient and Professional Work From Home Solution for their employee end-users.

The Information Technology & Services Industry has recently undergone many new trends, including the Work From Home model for having corporate employee end-users Work From Home due to the pandemic Covid-19 with stay at home orders issued from government. John Lee, the Founder of HomeWerx™, has been involved in the Information Technology & Services Industry for over 30 years since January 1990. HomeWerx™ is making milestones with their new offering of an Office as a Service (OaaS) Work From Home Solution (Patent Pending) which is a Subscription Service to corporate C-Level executives who setup corporate employee end-users to Work From Home.

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